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We’ve taken a moment since our successful pilot in 2020 to examine and address learnings.  We are eager to get started with Gather’s first proof-of-concept brick and mortar, set to open its doors in Spring 2024. Showcasing a carefully curated selection of 2-5 exceptional food entrepreneurs, Gather is more than a foodhall—it’s a launchpad for culinary talent.

The proof of concept will be located as an in-store environment within the Fresh Grocer, owned by Gather partner Brown’s Super Stores,  at 4160 Monument Rd, Philadelphia, PA.


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About Gather

Introducing Gather Food Hall, a people-driven culinary destination that celebrates local food entrepreneurs and places community at the forefront. 

Philly born and bred, Gather is more than just a food hub—it's a celebration of people, culture and culinary arts. Serving delectable dishes from local food entrepreneurs, we offer an array of options from breakfast to dinner, catering to every palate and pocket.

At Gather, service is at our core. Whether it’s providing a welcoming and delectable experience for our diners or creating a growth platform for our vendors. We pair emerging culinary talents with experienced chefs and mentors to provide guidance on both culinary skills and business acumen, nurturing their growth. This unique mentorship aims to offer guidance in both culinary and business aspects, propelling them toward professional success and growth.

We believe that no student should ever have to choose between their education and a meal. Our shame free pay-what-you-can approach ensures no student leaves with an empty stomach, and for those who might need a bit more help, our voucher system is there to lend a hand.  While we have a special spot in our heart for students, our doors are open wide to everyone in the neighborhood. 

Whether you're a student looking for a taste of home, an aspiring chef showcasing your talent, or simply wanting to taste the eclectic flavors of Philly, Gather is your culinary playground. 



A group of career hospitality professionals who have owned and operated restaurants nationally for over two decades. Among these are the world renowned Vetri Cucina, and the group of restaurants comprising the Vetri corporation. Their consulting work supports nationally branded franchises ,independent restaurant organizations, and consumer goods. Collectively they have over 6 decades of experience in all facets of dining.  Additionally their philanthropic work includes the Vetri Community Partnership, founded in 2008 with the mission of empowering children and families to lead healthier lives through fresh food, hands-on experiences, and education.

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